Why You Should Use Professional Document Disposal Throughout the Year

Planning for the busy festive season means looking to the entire year to make sure you’re doing the best things for your business, whether that means fire fighting or future planning. Our secure data destruction service isn’t necessarily based on busy periods, but we certainly understand the need to plan your year sensibly. We recently read a great response to the question of how you can manage a small business through busy periods. UK entrepreneur, Jake Allen, says you should never promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise. We think that’s a superb mantra!

Saving You Money

It’s a simple step using secure document shredding and recycling services like ours to free up time ad resources for you and your employees to do what you do best your jobs. Our mobile shredders can get through in 10 minutes what an office shredder can get through in 10 hours. We estimate that will save you around 15% of the cost compared to using an office shredder and a very bored employee!
Our services are very flexible and we pride ourselves on developing specialist accounts for businesses of all sizes, so you won’t get stung jut because you\\’re a small business.

Security in a Litigious Age

In the age of technology, we see a curious dichotomy whereby data theft is perhaps easier than ever before due to the spread of things like mobile data, but also still exceptionally difficult unless you know what you’re looking for due to the sheer volume. Every company has sensitive information, and we believe every business should be given the chance to form a lasting partnership with an exceptionally reliable disposal company like ours. We don’t believe secure paper shredding services are only for banks and large organisations. Security for businesses of all sizes is a huge aim of our business plan. Have you read about our Security Lockable Consoles? They’re only accessible by employees within your organisation who are allocated a key, and are designed to blend in with the office environment inconspicuously.

Strong Partnerships in Tough Times

Something we’re exceptionally dedicated to is developing long-term partnerships with our customers. Our solutions can be adapted to suit businesses of any size, with any level of document destruction need throughout the year. We know you have the same responsibility towards your own customer security, even if you’re a small business run from a single office at home on a part-time basis. Our sole focus is to make sure EVERY client we serve can say “hand on heart” they have complied with relevant security and privacy legislation.

Despite the UK economy growing 1% in the last quarter, we don’t believe UK businesses can afford to drop the ball in terms of things like customer satisfaction, value for money and savings. Using our shredding services throughout the year is a great way to tick another item off that never-ending “To Do” list, freeing up the time for you to do your job better, all year.