Secure Document Destruction For All Business And Organisations.

The many laws specifically requiring the secure destruction of confidential documents is growing, focusing on consumer fraud and identity theft accountability.

Are you aware corporate fraud and identity theft are the fastest growing crimes within the UK

Secure Shredding Services

Simply Shred’s document shredding services are developed to uphold the confidentiality requirements of all organisations.

Without proper safeguards, your company can unwittingly expose itself to legal and financial liability due to numerous government regulations

Mobile on site paper shredding services: We shall securely destroy all documentation enlisted to Simply Shred in compliance with the Data Protection Act and other legislations.


All Simply Shred Representatives are uniformed, insured and security screened.

Mobile document shredding trucks:

All Simply Shred’s mobile shredding vehicles are equipped with the latest shredding equipment and technology developed to destroy all confidential data.

Certificate of Destruction:

Every time Simply Shred provides a document destruction service, a certificate of destruction shall be issued in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The law then, makes it mandatory that easily accessible copies of confidential information be securely destroyed. After all, why make it easy for the criminals.