Document Shredding Services In Accordance With The Law

Every business is entrusted with information that must be kept private. Customers & employees have the legal right to have their details protected.

Without the proper safeguard, companies not adhering to a programme of routinely destroying records are quite simply breaking the law, and may occur severe penalties.

The list of documents that are deemed to be confidential and require securely shredding, is endless.

Confidential data may vary from customer records to employee details and even memos, as they show current business activity.

Data Shredding

Add to this, the bevy of requirements outlined in the Data Protection Act, as well as European and Government regulations, it is imperative every business/organisation has a secure shredding system in place today. It is now the law to have a secure method in place.

Mobile Document Shredding Services In Compliance With The Law.

At Simply Shred, all of our document shredding services are proven and specifically designed for all organisations as well as individuals and comply with all legislations.

Working alongside Simply Shred & Recycle will not only keep your information secure and private, but will also allow your employees to be more productive at what they do best, their jobs!