Which important documents require Confidential Shredding

When you are first getting to grips with confidential waste disposal, it can be difficult for you and your employees to know which documents will need confidential shredding. As personal data and confidential customer information must be protected, it is better to be cautious and adopt a no-nonsense ΓÇÿshred-all\\’ policy with regards to your documents so that nothing is missed out of confusion.

Remember that protecting the personal data and confidential information of your customers, employees and your company is not just advisable, it is the law. The Data Protection Act 1988 specifies that you have a legal obligation to protect personal information and dispose of it responsibly. It therefore makes sense to trust a respected professional shredding company to deal with your confidential waste disposal. Here at Simply Shred, we can advise you about secure disposal whilst providing a comprehensive service that takes care of your confidential waste in a responsible manner.

Here is a list of common documents you will have in your office that should be shredded when they are no longer in use:

ΓÇó Contracts
ΓÇó Customer lists
ΓÇó Internal and external reports
ΓÇó Payroll statements
ΓÇó Pay slips
ΓÇó Budgets
ΓÇó Customer correspondence
ΓÇó Legal contracts
ΓÇó Strategic reports
ΓÇó Job applications
ΓÇó Medical records
ΓÇó Performance appraisals
ΓÇó Training information
ΓÇó Corporate records
ΓÇó Supplier purchase orders
ΓÇó Supplier records
ΓÇó Product plans and tests
ΓÇó New product information
ΓÇó Specification drawings

You may even find some more documents in your office that are not on the above list. Remember that if in doubt, you should shred all unwanted documents in order to maintain the highest levels of company security. After all, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

Once you have collected your documents ready for shredding, Simply Shred can visit your premises to dispose of the documents on-site. We shred all the documents in specially fitted vehicles and you are welcome to pop in to see the process in action. We believe that our on-site service is the most secure way to dispose of your documents, as there is no risk involved in transporting the documents away from your office.

The shredded fragments of your confidential waste are then transferred to a recycling facility where they are processed and made into new paper products. This environmentally friendly approach is a real benefit to many of our customers who are looking to improve their green credentials.

For further information about ΓÇÿshred-all\\’ policies and confidential shredding, please feel free to get in touch with the team at Simply Shred.