What happens to my documents after shredding?

Many of our valued customers wonder what happens to their shredded documents once they have reached the end of their life. The answer is simple \\\’ your old and unwanted documents become something usefulΓǪ

Our professional shredding process turns your waste documents into very small confetti-shaped bits of paper. These fragments are then transferred to a recycling facility where they are processed and made into new paper products such as writing paper, newspapers, kitchen roll and boxes. You might even end up using some of your old office documents as toilet paper!

Knowing that your documents will have a new life instead of ending up in landfill is a positive thing for many of our customers who are looking to improve their environmental credentials and reduce the carbon footprint of their business. Throwing away reams and reams of paper is unfortunately a necessary part of running a tidy office, but at least with Simply Shred you know that these documents are in safe hands when it comes to recycling.

The fact that your documents are recycled is no cause of concern when it comes to security, as each document we handle is professionally shredded so that no information is visible. As mentioned before, our shredders produce very small fragments of paper that could never be placed back together. What\\’s more, we work with trusted recycling partners that handle our shredded documents with great care. We also issue our clients with a Certificate of Destruction after each shred, so that you can rest assured that your documents have been completely destroyed from a legal perspective.

Our document shredding services are done at your business premises so you are welcome to take a look at the results of our shredding before the paper fragments leave for the recycling facility. You are sure to be impressed at the results, as the documents are always completely destroyed by our high-tech equipment.

If you have not got a professional shredding company on board to take care of your documents, you may be unsure of what to do with your shredded paper waste. Please make sure that it doesn\\’t end up in landfill with other office waste, as this is an incredible shame from an environmental point of view! Come to Simply Shred and reduce the carbon footprint of your office by investing in professional waste document disposal from the experts.