Trustworthy And Effective Confidential Paper Shredding

Any company that wishes to remain in compliance with various laws such as the Data Protection Act, must ensure that all of the documentation that they generate is destroyed properly. It is absolutely essential that sensitive information, no matter its nature, is not leaked, duplicated or even stolen so that it may be used for harmful purposes. Of course, with the increasing digitisation of documents, confidential paper shredding has become somewhat simpler but this does not mean that it can be forgotten and it cannot be assumed that these papers will take care of themselves when disposed of. In fact, the Internet has posed an entirely new threat to companies, particularly if they have sensitive data such as log on details printed out only to have it stolen from their waste. This could present a significant online security threat, not to mention the fact that this information can be posted online for anyone to view.

Over the course of a year, a business may generate many different types of documentation, some that they need to keep hold of until the document is no longer applicable while others must be destroyed immediately. Simply Shred & Recycle can provide fast, secure and effective means of shredding your documents for a cost effective fee that will cause minimal disruption to your normal working routine. One of our most worthwhile services is a scheduled shredding plan. This is great for those companies who are aware of how much material they need to be destroyed and how long it takes to build up. Our comprehensive service will ensure that we spend as little time as is necessary destroying your documentation. This can be done either on-site or off-site depending on your requirements.

The process will begin with us delivering our lockable cabinets to you free-of-charge. This will enable you to put all of your documentation within, before locking them for your own peace of mind. We will then arrive at the pre-arranged time and destroy the documentation within. As a mobile shredding company, we can travel to you no matter where you are in the country. This will mean that your documentation will never leave your premises as we come to you with our security bonded operatives to take your cabinets on the agreed dates. They will then be taken to a vehicle which houses a state of the art shredding machine that will be used to destroy all of the data. We will then produce a Certificate of Destruction ensuring that we have destroyed all data.

We run background checks on all of our employees to ensure that they meet our standards of security. This includes bonding and insurance, so you can always have absolute confidence that we are employing trustworthy people who can be completely relied upon. If you are worried about the security of the documentation after it has been shredded, there is no need. We make use of some of the best shredding technology that cuts in criss-crosses so that the pieces are no bigger than 8mm.