The savvy choice when it comes to shredding

When you’re on the lookout for a company to help you with confidential paper shredding, you no doubt want to make sure you get the best around. After all, this is no small matter. If you get this wrong and end up sourcing an unreliable provider, you may find you encounter all sorts of practical and legal problems. Let’s face it, running a business is hard enough without having extra worries like this to contend with. The good news is, by coming here to us at Simply Shred you can rest assured you’ll benefit from a superb level of service and you can have complete confidence in our systems.

The importance of shredding

Simply ignoring the issue of document disposal isn’t an option these days. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act and European regulations, you have a legal responsibility to make sure you deal with sensitive data appropriately and this includes not holding onto it for longer than necessary.

If you fail to stick to this principle, you could end up facing fines and compensation claims, and your reputation may suffer.

Total confidence

If you come to us seeking shredding services, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. All of our staff are security screened. Also, our shredders use a crosscut process that reduces paper to criss-cross pieces of confetti. These pieces measure around 8mm, which is far smaller than conventional strip cut shredders.

Also, we provide security locked office-quality consoles for storage. These are designed to blend into any office environment and the material within them is contained in specially designed bags. Only designated contacts within your firm will have access to these consoles.

See for yourself

For added peace of mind, you can even watch your documents being placed into our shredders on-site. The contents of consoles are placed directly into the shredding machines.

At the end of the process, we will hand you a Certificate of Destruction, documenting that your materials have been completely destroyed.

Putting our customers first

We know that no two organisations’ needs are the same and we go out of our way to operate flexibly. For example, we can come to you as often as you require and if your container fills up before you next scheduled service time, you can simply call us and we will be happy to arrange an extra pick up.

Other benefits

There are many other advantages associated with using us. For example, our document destruction services are cost effective, our personnel are professional and friendly, we operate a recycling programme and our collections are carried out by the same customer service representatives.

Saving you cold hard cash

You might assume that conducting your own shredding will be cheaper. However, it can in fact be cheaper to enlist the help of third-party specialists like us. You won’t have to worry about buying a shredder in the first place and you won’t have to factor in extra labour and maintenance costs.

In fact, we can guarantee a minimum saving of 25 per cent when compared with using an in-house shredder.