Secure Shredding

Project Description

Here at Simply Shred, we are a secure document disposal company that is incredibly professional and dependable. We offer 100% secure shredding and document destruction at incredibly competitive rates, so we believe you would struggle to find a more confidential service for a better price.

Companies of all sizes have a responsibility to successfully destroy all sensitive documents when they are no longer needed, as a failure to do so could have serious repercussions for a company. We can provide secure document destruction for an array of private papers, including payroll records, personnel files and more.

We offer a wide range of secure shredding services which can accommodate the needs of your organisation, including onsite, offsite, one off secure paper shredding and more. Our secure document disposal rates are incredibly competitive, so you would struggle to find a higher quality service for less.

We are dedicated to ensuring we consistently provide a professional and secure paper shredding service across the UK. All our employees have received thorough background checks, so you can rest assured that we only hire honest and trustworthy individuals. Also, following your secure shredding, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction so you can relax in the knowledge that your papers have been completely destroyed.

Contact us at Simply Shred for more information about our reliable and confidential paper shredding services.

Mobile On-Site Secure Shredding Solutions

As one of the largest mobile document shredding companies in the UK, Simply Shred & Recycle delivers secure confidential shredding services straight to your door.

At Simply Shred & Recycle, we have made it our business to ensure your confidential information remains just that, confidential! And the great news is, we continually evaluate and reinvest into the confidential paper shredding services we offer, providing our customers what we believe to be the most competitive and secure document destruction prices in today’s market.

Partnering Simply Shred also helps your organisation to remain compliant with extensive and stringent disposal laws.

At Simply Shred, we view our developments and strengths through the eyes of our customers, allowing us to deliver comprehensive data destruction services.

Our approach to providing secure, flexible and cost effective document shredding services has established Simply Shred with an enviable reputation within the document shredding industry.

Simply Shred and Recycle-UK is one of the leading mobile document shredding companies offering confidential paper shredding services to just some of the following areas:


London Birmingham Manchester Nottingham
Leicester Plymouth Norwich Cambridge
Oxford Liverpool Lincoln Leeds
Cardiff Milton Keynes Derby Brighton
Reading Coventry Swindon Southampton
Edinburgh Glasgow Sheffield Scunthorpe
Mansfield Stoke on Trent Wolverhampton Peterborough
Newmarket Ipswich Worcester Northampton

As one of the UK's premier paper shredding companies specialising in confidential shredding services, allow Simply Shred & Recycle to prove how cost effective and reliable we really are.