Off-Site Shredding

Project Description

Simply Shred offers its off-site confidential paper shredding services to businesses that look to outsource their document destruction requirements, whilst remaining compliant with government legislation. Many companies prefer our off-site shredding solutions as it saves time, allowing company staff to work on more lucrative tasks.

Our strategy, quite simply is to respond and develop strategic shredding services to businesses and organisation across the UK at cost effective prices.

Partnering Simply Shred provides security and privacy ensuring your confidential information remains just that, confidential. Our chain of custody remains unbroken from the moment we arrive to collect your confidential papers, through to the complete secure destruction of your records.

In short, here’s how the process works:

  • Our security bonded personnel will arrive and transfer all confidential materials from our security lockable consoles (Scheduled Services), or security tagged sacks (One Off Shredding) both provided free of charge, to a Simply /services/scheduled-services/Shred vehicle where your confidential information will be securely stored.
  • Our representatives will then transport your confidential information to our state of the art off site shredding facility where your documents will be shredded to confetti size pieces.
  • Once all confidential papers are destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued.
Off-Site Shredding

At Simply Shred we fully appreciate and understand that at all times throughout our shredding processes, it is imperative to keep up the Simply Shred Standards of Security, which in turn, will keep your business safe.