Research Reveals Potential Data Security Gaps

While financial institutions have been scrutinised for several years about how they dispose of confidential, sensitive information, now further research has given rise to worrying results for the private and public sectors.

Breaches of data security can seriously undermine consumer confidence, as well as having serious financial implications.

New research has found out that up to a third of organisations make use of a regular waste disposal service to get rid of extremely confidential and sensitive material. Only half of those questioned said they outsourced document disposal to professional firms.

Equally, only half of those who did outsource had taken the time to ask about the legal standards their supplier employed.

Yet, if you hire a professional document shredding service, you are guaranteeing that your organisation complies with European standards for data destruction, not to mention other legal regulations such as the Data Protection Act.

The other thing about document shredding services is that they can also offer advice on what exactly you need to shred.

The same research, from the Information Destruction (ID) section of the British Security Industry Association has found that nearly a fifth of organisation had experienced serious data fraud, and that 50% of these frauds involved paper documents.

Why not just use a regular recycling firm?

Recycling companies’ core business, unsurprisingly, is just that recycling. They are not geared up to guaranteeing the security of your confidential waste, or complying with the legislation which concerns document shredding.

If there is a breach of data security before the papers are recycled, the private data becomes available for all to see. And, even if you tend to handle all your own shredding in-house, you can make significant savings by outsourcing this service. In fact, all sizes of organisation can expect productivity savings of up to nearly 20% when using a professionally-managed service as opposed to keeping things in-house.

After all, your staff’s time is your profit, and it can take up to five hours to manually shred 25kg of documents, outsource this service, but it can be done by a machine in minutes without disrupting your business.

Document Shredding from Simply Shred

At Simply Shred, we offer shredding services across London, Birmingham, Manchester and elsewhere. And it is our policy to completely recycle all the documents we dispose of. And, bearing in mind that paper makes up to 70% of most business waste, and given that waste disposal organisations now have to pay £11 for every tonne of waste sent to landfill, recycling is now the cheaper option.

Our mobile shredding services give our clients total peace of mind. We handle everything from staff files to payroll records, financial papers and much more,

Documents are placed in a van at your premises and shredded, and then we give you a certificate confirming their destruction. Alternatively, we also offer off- site services.

Call us today for a free quote with absolutely no obligation, you won’t even have to pay for the phone call! Or why not ring or email us for a free demo or our document shredding service.