We Recycle All Of Your Shredded Confidential Waste.

Each Time A Simply Shred Cabinet Is Filled, You Save Half A Tree

Shockingly, less than half of the 11 million tonnes of paper used in the UK certification each year is recycled. By taking small steps to recycle the paper that your office uses, you can not only minimise the amount of waste going into landfill sites but also reduce the number of trees destroyed each year to meet the demand for paper use in the UK.

Simply Shred & Recycle are committed to fulfilling our environmental responsibility and recycle ALL of our shredded paper once we have taken it away from your premises in one of our mobile shredding units. Our policy of 100% recycling means that you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact of your waste paper, just sit back and let us deal with it for you.

The Wider Benefits Of Recycling

It takes 17 trees to make 1 tonne of paper

In the last year, the UK recycled 8.6 million tonnes paper, saving the equivalent of 11 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. That’s the same as taking 3.6 million cars off the road.

The commercial sector today provides huge potential to increase this recovery rate, resulting in benefits to individual companies participating, as well as to the environment, and the UK economy.

The Benefits Of Recycling To UK Businesses

  • Since the introduction of the Landfill Tax in 1996, waste disposal organisations are required to pay per tonne of waste sent to landfill. Paper makes up to 70%, by weight, of the contents of average business waste. Therefore, the cost of recycling paper is now below that of disposing to landfill.
  • A good environmental performance is increasingly noticed and valued by clients, customers, staff, suppliers and the public, bringing proven loyalty and public relations benefits.
  • More formally, there is increasing pressure to improve environmental performance and become accredited to one of the official standards: ISO 14001  EMAS.
  • Although recycling office paper is just one environmental improvement, it is relatively easy to do, has obvious benefits, involves all staff, and may be a catalyst for further projects.

How Does Your Office Measure Up?

You can do your bit too for every secure paper cabinet you fill with confidential waste, you will save half a tree. A small office creating enough waste to fill a console for shredding once a fortnight will save thirteen trees over the course of a year. Larger offices filling two consoles per week will save a whopping 52 trees per year!

At the end of each year, our clients receive an Environmental Certificate detailing the positive impact their relationship with Simply Shred has had on the environment. Make your environmentally friendly paper shredding policy the first step to a greener office.