Message from M.D

Business and passion go hand in hand for me and all involved within Simply Shred Ltd. Compliance and professionalism are also a must for anyone dealing with confidential and personal information. What is equally important for us though, is our commitment to the environment, and therefore we uphold our important pledge.

There’s never been a more urgent time to help preserve the environment we live in. It goes without saying, the actions we choose to adopt will determine the fate of our planet for years to come. Personally, it seems we live in a throwaway culture but through recycling, we can help tackle the environmental challenges we face. But with every month that goes by, the changes to our planet are also becoming more irrefutable, understood and the effects devastating.

I am proud to affirm how we, Simply Shred and our clients, are helping to tackle environmental devastation, and assisting the UK towards a more sustainable future. Simply Shred & Recycle ensures that all materials destroyed are 100% recycled, and never sent to landfill. It is our shared responsibility that enables us to protect forests and stop 1000’s of trees from deforestation. Thus, improving our resilience to the impact of climate change and providing hope for our children.

Together, we have saved 154,665 trees from destruction

Best Wishes
J Mann – M.D