Ignoring shredding services can be a false economy

You might be looking for ways to reduce your expenditure. After all, trading conditions are still tough and you may feel as though you\\’re walking a financial tightrope. However, there are certain issues you cannot afford to ignore. For example, if you fail to make use of secure data destruction services, you might end up facing a range of problems.

Legal hot water

Legally, the way you handle sensitive information is strictly controlled. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, you\\’re obliged to stick to eight principles and these are that personal information is:

ΓÇó processed fairly and lawfully
ΓÇó processed for limited purposes
ΓÇó adequate, relevant and not excessive
ΓÇó accurate and up to date
ΓÇó not kept for longer than is necessary
ΓÇó processed in line with the rights of individuals
ΓÇó secure
ΓÇó not transferred to other countries without adequate protection

If you don\\’t put in place proper safeguards, you might find you expose your firm to legal and financial liability. This issue has risen in importance over recent years because corporate fraud and identity theft are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Fines and compensation

If you don\\’t make use of effective confidential document shredding services, you may find you are at greater risk of being ordered to pay fines. Also, you might have to hand over compensation to any parties affected by data breaches.

This means that although you may have saved a small amount of money initially, in the longer term, your finances could be severely depleted.

Reputational damage

There is also the potential damage to your company\\’s reputation to consider. If you are subject to data breaches, you might deter people from buying your goods or services, or entering into deals with you.

Missing out on cash like this could do serious long-term harm to your organisation\\’s prospects.

Simple and cost effective

The good news is, it\\’s never been easier to take advantage of superb shredding services. Here at Simply Shred we offer cost-effective and straightforward data destruction that you can rely on.

You can arrange for on or off-site shredding and all our representatives are uniformed, insured and security screened. Also, our mobile shredding vehicles are equipped with the latest shredding technology and each time we shred, we provide a certificate of destruction – in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Peace of mind

As well as helping you to avoid long and costly legal proceedings further down the line, our services can also provide you with greater peace of mind. When you know you have an effective data destruction system in place, you should feel more confident.

So, to find out more about what we have to offer, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team by phone or email. With our assistance, you should find meeting your legal duties that bit easier and you might also be pleasantly surprised by our prices. Also, using our services is quick and simple.