How to prevent identity theft with Secure Shredding

Identity theft should be a concern for all of us. This crime is the fastest growing form of consumer fraud in the UK and can be financially and emotionally devastating for victims. It is estimated that identity fraud costs consumers, banks, retailers and other businesses £1.2bn a year (source: Identity Fraud Steering Committee, October 2008).

As a company, it is your obligation to do everything you can to prevent identity fraud from happening on your watch. Remember that if you work with documents containing the personal information of individuals, you have a legal obligation to protect that information as part of the Data Protection Act 1988.

The consequences of failing to protect an individual\\’s identity from fraud can be costly for your company, both in terms of direct costs and the potential damage to your trusted reputation. When incidents of fraud become publically known, damage to reputation can cost larger businesses between ┬ú30,000 and ┬ú250,000. Even though identity fraud is on the rise, many businesses ignore the issue and fail to make an effort to destroy the sensitive material that they throw away or are preparing to recycle. This attitude is completely unacceptable when identity fraud is such a real threat.

When it comes to sensitive data and documents, you must treat each piece of paper with care to make sure you are complying with the law and protecting identities. It is essential to adopt a responsible attitude towards identity theft within your company and have a clear policy towards secure shredding and confidential waste disposal. Once you have developed an identity theft policy, your employees will needto understand how to put it into practice.

You will also need to put a secure shredding operation in place so that a company can handle all of your confidential waste disposal needs. Simply Shred offers a complete start-to-finish on-site shredding service which takes the risk out of disposing of your confidential documents. Our state of the art vehicles are fully equipped with shredding machines that can be operated at your premises, so that all your documents can be destroyed under your supervision. Once the shredding is complete, we safely and securely recycle the tiny fragments of your documents and then provide you with an official Certificate of Destruction so that you can meet the standards required by law.