Why should we employ a document shredding & recycling company?

There’s never been a better time to rely on Simply Shred & Recycle. The truth of the matter is every business /organisation has information that is confidential in nature and would be of interest to others. All this data could cause considerable damage if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Add to this the bevy of requirements outlined in the Data Protection Act, as well as European and Government regulations, it is imperative every business/organisation has a system in place today. It is now the law to have a secure method in place.

Does Simply Shred conduct background checks on its employees?

Yes all Simply Shred staff are security screened. All of our Customer Service Representatives also undergo rigorous background checks, are bonded and insured.

What type of shredding do you do?

Our shredders utilise a crosscut shredding process, reducing paper to criss-cross cut pieces of confetti. These criss-cross pieces of paper are cut to approximately 8mm, which provides far greater security than conventional strip cut shredders.

How is the material stored?

We provide security locked office-quality consoles free of charge. These consoles are designed to blend into any office environment and are located strategically throughout your offices. The material is contained in specially designed bags within these consoles, and only the designated contacts within your organisation has a key to access these consoles.

Is the shredding process secure?

Yes. Our document shredding services are done, right on-sight. The contents of the consoles are placed directly into the shredder.

How often do you come to shred our documents?

This depends on the individual organisation and the amount of sensitive information they produce, and will be determined prior to the service commencing by your organisation and your Simply Shred representative.

What happens if our container is full before the scheduled service time?

Simply call us and we would happy to schedule an extra pick-up.

What if I only need to use your service one time or for annual clean-ups?

No problem. Whatever your requirements, from daily activity to annual purges, we are happy to meet your needs.

We have an in-house office shredder so why would I need your service?

It is much more cost-effective to deal with Simply Shred & Recycle. Purchase costs of office shredders, as well as labour, maintenance contracts and disposal costs are usually much higher than expected \\\’ not to mention the noise, mess and dust produced by an office shredder. In fact, we can guarantee a minimum 25% savings when compared to the cost of using your in-house shredder.

Do you educate employees on legislative policies and procedures?

Yes. Simply Shred maintains an in-house training department that is responsible for training our staff in all aspects of our business. In addition, we produce aids that help keep our staff abreast of recent changes in legislation.

How often do your employees undergo training?

Comprehensive training is conducted both in Head Office and in the field. The combination of these two processes means that we are training our staff on new aspects of our business on an ongoing basis.