Do small businesses need Paper Shredding Services?

The short answer to this question is of course, yes. Small businesses handle similar confidential information and sensitive data to large businesses and organisations, such as payroll details, customer contracts and CVs. Even though the amount of confidential documents may be on a smaller scale, it is still crucial to protect every document in your company\\’s possession. When these documents are no longer needed, it is also imperative to dispose of them in a responsible way.

The safe and secure disposal of documents is not just advisable, it is required by law. The 1998 Data Protection Act specifies that if you work with documents containing the personal information of individuals, you will have a legal obligation to protect that information. You therefore have a responsibility to dispose of every document carefully, with the help of paper shredding services from a professional shredding company. Despite the serious nature of confidential waste disposal, and the requirement that it must be carried out responsibly by law, many small businesses still do not have a proper provision for paper shredding. This is even more shocking considering that consumer crimes such as identity theft are on the rise, and can often be traced to data leaks from private individuals and small businesses.

If you want to protect your customers and staff from fraud such as identity theft and keep their information secure, investing in a professional paper shredding service is an absolute must. Simply Shred offers a flexible service that can be tailored to suit the needs of your small business. We are more than happy to work to accommodate your bespoke requirements, whether that means arranging fewer collections as you have less documents, or tailoring a suitable service to suit your budget.

Simply Shred can even come to your office, so you will not need to take your documents outside your premises for shredding. We can provide you with suitable bags and boxes for use in your office so that you can collect your waste documents in one place before our scheduled visit. Your staff will soon get used to using the correct boxes for their unwanted papers and we are always on hand to help you think of ideas for reminding them about your new security policies.

Our on-site paper shredding services ensure that all your documents are destroyed properly. The machines on our vehicles shred your documents into tiny pieces so that they cannot be identified. We then transport the fragments to a recycling center where they can be destroyed