Confidential Waste and the Data Protection Act

If you work with documents containing the personal information of individuals, you will have a legal obligation to protect that information as part of the Data Protection Act 1988. When it comes to disposing of these documents, they will need to be treated as confidential waste and will have to be handled carefully to make sure you are complying with the law.

Confidential documents cannot simply be torn up and disposed of with other paper waste; a professional paper shredding and disposal company must handle these documents appropriately. We have all heard horror stories in the news about sensitive and important documents getting into the wrong hands. Although confidential waste disasters like this are rare, the results of the information getting into the wrong hands can be catastrophic, so it is crucial that you trust the company you are dealing with to do the job professionally!

So what does a professional confidential waste disposal service entail? Simply Shred operates a complete start-to-finish service which minimises the risk to your confidential or sensitive documents. We have taken into account the risk of transporting your documents and we therefore provide a service that comes to your office, so that shredding can happen under your supervision if required. Our vehicles are fully equipped with state of the art shredding machines that can be operated on site. These machines ensure that documents cannot be pieced together again for maximum security. Once the shredding is complete, we safely and securely dispose of the remnants of your documents. We then provide you with an official Certificate of Destruction so that you can meet the standards required by law.

Here at Simply Shred, we constantly strive to make our service completely secure. Our staff are all fully trained and are also background-checked so that you can be confident in our service. What\\’s more, we pride ourselves on having trustworthy individuals on our team, who care about keeping your business safe and your data away from the wrong hands.

Another benefit of putting your trust in Simply Shred is that you will not need to organize your own shredding operation, which can really be a drain on you and your employees\\’ precious time. It makes sense to invest in a professional paper shredding company for your confidential waste disposal so that you can have peace of mind that the job is being done properly.