What is a clean desk policy and how is it relevant to Confidential Waste Disposal?

In every office there are documents containing sensitive and/or confidential information. These documents could range from a post-it note with details of an employees salary, to a print-off of client credit card details. Each one of these documents needs to be respected as sensitive and confidential and they need to be protected from falling into the wrong hands.

Each person in your office needs to be aware of the importance of safeguarding confidential documents. This does not just apply to protecting the documents from external threats \\\’ it also means protecting the documents from the wrong internal personnel.

A clean desk policy can help to protect your clients, contacts and your company by reducing the risk of unauthorized access to documents. Writing a clean desk policy for your office is simple. All you need to do is follow three easy rules:

  • Plan ahead
    • Get out the documents you need for the day and file everything else away. Only print out documents if you really need to.
  • Protect information
    • Place any sensitive documents in a folder so they cannot be viewed by passing colleagues. When you leave your desk for breaks or meetings, do a quick check to see if there is sensitive information on your desk.
  • Clear up
    • File away sensitive documents at the end of the day and lock them in a cabinet if needed.

Your new clean desk policy also needs to include how to securely dispose of confidential and sensitive waste. Your employees will need to understand that scrunching up a piece of paper and putting it in the bin is simply not enough. You will need to instead employ the services of a professional paper shredding company to handle your confidential or sensitive documents.

Simply Shred offers a confidential waste disposal service that protects the security of your data. When you choose our mobile shredding service, we ensure that all the documents that require disposal are all destroyed before we leave your premises. We then recycle the fragments of your documents and provide you with a destruction certificate.

We can help with your clean desk policy by providing bags and boxes for your employees to use to dispose of their confidential waste. Your clean desk policy will then become part of the everyday routine of your employees \\\’ giving you and your clients peace of mind when it comes to confidentiality.