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Why waste time when we can save you time, and money!

In the world of the modern economy and the ever-increasing emphasis on businesses looking at ways to save money and trim costs, there’s no better time to choose Simply Shred & Recycle.

The solution, to employ a mobile paper shredding company. This way you will save time and money allowing your employees to work on what they do best, making you money.

A mobile document shredding company doesn’t just save you money, it save you time as well. What takes an office shredder 10 hours to shred, Simply Shred & Recycle will destroy in 10 minutes.

Simply Shred’s paper shredding services could save you 15% of the cost when using an office shredder

Not only will we save you time and money, the possibility of a security breach could prove to be disastrous. Organisations who fail to comply with the Data Protection Act are liable to incur substantial penalties.

At Simply Shred we constantly research and reinvest into the shredding services we offer providing what we believe to be the most competitive prices today.

A mobile document shredding service done right –
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